YOUZEE are one of the quickest supplier of innovative display equipment. We supply total sulotion for your needs with more than 10 years experience in making light box, 8 years experience in building busstop shelter, and 6 years experience in developing scrolling system. And we are keeping in developing new idea equipment such as ad bench, ad truck, ad trailer, ad mirror, walking billboard and outdoor injecting ad device and so on.
 According to the needs of former guests, we also supply topgrade Chinese Tradtional Rice Wine now. And we are very happy to share the investing opportunities with global friends.

Some Hot Products

YOUZEE Walking Billboards

This is new generation of walking billboard. Stronger, convenient but with light-weight.We have developed humanization design of belt system to make people feel comfortable to carry it. The belt system has two shoulder belt, one waist belt and one chest belt. And on the back, there is one thick and soft protection (sponge). And notice, you can carry one water bottle and other necessary leaflet easily!
 If you have mobile billboard business (ad truck), you also can put several walking billboard inside your truck, when your truck stop at somewhere, then your driver can wear the walking billboard and walking around, the driver maybe can have a good rest by this way!

HHD-1650-LED (Intelligent Scrolling Light Box with LED panel )

Body Size(mm):3200H*W1650*T300.
 Viewable Area(mm):2100H *1450W. LED Size(mm): 210H *1380W.
 Picture Capacity: upto 8 pictures.
 Cabinet Material: 1.2mm wiredrawing stainless steel shell, steel shelf.
 Viewable Material: 8mm toughened glass.
 Cabinet Color: original stainless steel color.
 Control Systems: Highly integrated rolling system GZ350
 Light Source: Philip daylight lamp
 Power Supply Demand: 110v/220v 50/60HZ.
 Power: 50w (rolling system)/ 50w (LED)/ 500w (light source).

Rolling System for Scrolling Display (G-3)

All components are integrated into one roller. Assembling is very easy and convenient. The design is special for upgrading the normal lightbox. The out-side cylinder of the roller can protect all components from outside interference.
 Double controlling systems, more stable performance, more precise photos moving, no worries about dropping of poster.
 Digital electronic control system can avoid any interference, such as humidity, high-temperature, typhoon, storm and so on. It can guarantee long time working. The roller is designed to start and stop with low speed(we called it "s" type movement). It guarantees photos to operate steadily and can prolong the working life of both photos and the rolling system.

YOUZEE Magic Mirror

Magic Advertising Effect!
Catch people's eye while they are watching themselves!
Magic, Fashion, Good Media for NewGeneration.
It is a mirror, and it can display 6 advertisement (A4 size) one by one, fade out and fade in.
Think about it, what a amazing product!
Suitable for high-end club, bar, airport and other public area with good handwashing area, and people feel happy to watch themselves and the advertising. The advertising will not disturb people to use mirror, but make people feel magic. The magic mirror also can be consider as house decoration equipment, to improve the fashion taste.

Advertising Trailer

TB-100 scooter trailer scrolling light box has 3 side scrolling display, each side install independent topgrade rolling system GZ350.3, together with strong capacity battery and lighting system, it can supply wonderful solution for outdoor ad in daytime or night time. The display area of each side is 1.4m*1m. (the color can be customized).
 The fashion front design shape make it very interesting to many people in the commercial area.
 And the high quality make your maintenance is so easy.
 It is good machine help you earn money easily.

YOUZEE can supply the following unique advertising solution for you: